The UK has one of the largest and best collections of incredible street art in the world. This leaves the streets with an array of staggering view of creative works, from several storeys high painted murals to miniature bronze statutes.

London is one of the UK cities with the most thriving and relentlessly changing street art in the world. Exciting new artworks all over the streets by artist, both celebrated and unsung, are turning up daily.

Among the art experts behind the paints, here are the 3 street artists with incredible Art you might need to now.

The famous Banksy

One of the most renowned street artists is anonymous Banksy. With his distinctive stencil artwork, the England based street artist has regularly appeared in London for more than ten years.

Some of his artwork is extremely funny while others portray a hard-hitting political point. His work of social and political commentary has been primarily featured on streets, bridges and walls of cities all over the world.

Banksy often displays his artwork on publicly visible places and surfaces such walls and bridges and self-built pieces.

Although he no longer sells his street graffiti productions or photographs, his public installations are regularly resold, even when a wall with his paintings is removed.

Some of his best graffiti effects include;

  • A 2008 stencilled graffiti work that appeared in the middle of the Holland Park, Thames water towers. The work was primarily attributed to Banksy.
  • 2013 Banksy mural, well known as the slave labour mural displaying a child sewing flag bunting.
  • In 2017 where he financed the establishment of the Walled Off Hotel, Bethlehem.
  • The latest 2018 mural of an imprisoned artist, Zehra Dogan.

Behind his successful artistic work, Banksy comprehends that he was inspired by 3D, an accomplished graffiti artist who later teamed up the English musical group as the founding member.

Celebrated Pegasus

Another thriving artist in the art industry. The north London based artist also takes some of the worlds most famous faces by playing with their popular social status.

Pegasus made headlines with murals showing the Duchess of Cambridge portrayed as Virgin Mary with Cambridge’s prince George as baby Jesus.

Some of his street work include;

  • Fallen Angel, the Amy Winehouse image along the Camden information centre, Starbucks. The image was first whitewashed before being repainted and ‘launched’ in December 2013.
  • Other exhibitions for this London celebrity include the famous Pegasus Marilyn Monroe, who was inducted into the industry in 2015.
  • 2017 artwork supply project for St Giles Hotel in Europe.

Ben Slow

While most artist starts working in the streets and later transitioned into the art world, the England based celebrity had an opposite trajectory.

The artist had a great art background, which made him be a gallery master before starting to create street art. His work has been primarily inspired by the local people of wherever he might be working.

Some of his famous art projects include

  • His street art, his canvas work and stylized portraits are usually deep into abstraction. Also, he is best known for murals featuring white and black paintings.
  • The Olive branch mural that is commissioned by Moniker International Art Fair.
  • The Royal Albert Hall which turned out to be his first large-scale painted exposure and later inspired him to begin the large street pieces seen around the world today.

Having exhibited stunning artwork in the UK and other parts of the world, Ben says that he’s making a serious name in both street art and inspiring art words more than just pretty portraits.

Most of UK cities are certainly flush with some eye-catching street art. They would probably get you clicking on your camera or smartphone to understand what the street luminaries have.